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What You Might Not Know About Acacia Wood
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What You Might Not Know About Acacia Wood

Furniture shoppers often seek acacia wood. Some don’t even know the benefits of the wood. They just know that it looks pretty. Luckily, they end up making a good choice because acacia wood is one of the best types of wood you can buy for furniture.

About Acacia Wood

Acacia wood has been around since biblical times and long before it. It’s believed that acacia wood was used to construct the Tabernacle and Ark of Covenant because it was virtually indestructible.

Many people know acacia wood as “thorntree,” “whistling thorn,” or “wattle.” While many of the varieties in Africa do not contain many thorns, the ones in Australia are quite thorny.

The acacia bears pods, which releases tannins. In the past the tannins were used for medicinal purposes and as a preservative for food.

It’s believed that the acacia has been around for more than 20 million years. There are fossilized charcoal deposits that appear to have parts of the tree preserved in them. The charcoal suggests that the trees may be fire resistant, and the trees may have started spreading when Australia went through periods of dryness and fires. These trees in Australia are known as wattles. The Acacia melanoxylon from Australia is the species most known for furniture.

Acacia Melanoxylon and Furniture

Acacia melanoxylon grows to a great size quickly. When cut, the wood has a high polish, and it has a sweet smell to it.

It’s a sustainable wood because once cut, another one can be planted, and the tree’s rapid growth decreases the likelihood of running out of them. Many people purchase furniture made of acacia wood for this reason.

Depending on how the wood is finished, it can look light or dark. For example, if it has a lime wash, the furniture appears smooth and the wood grain patterns are remarkable. It’s also possible to have mahogany colored finish, which makes it dark. This isn’t as readily available, but can be found.

Acacia wood is great for furniture for the bedroom, dining room, and living room. It’s also good for shelving because it can withstand the demands of weighted objects.

Many people think that acacia furniture is expensive, but that is not the case. It can actually be purchased for a reasonable price, as long as you purchase it from a trustworthy seller. Many people marvel at the quality they receive in relation to the money they spend.

Another misconception about acacia furniture is that it’s hard to care for it. That is not true. As long as you wax the wood as directed when purchasing the furniture, it will keep its natural shine and  refrain from cracking. Keep in mind that if you purchase a finished acacia wood furniture piece, waxing is not recommended.

If you’re looking for furniture that is heavy, strong, and resistant to wear and tear, acacia wood furniture can meet your needs. Once you see the beauty of the wood grains, and the sturdiness of the wood, you’ll realize the value of this furniture.



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