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5 Creative Ways To Use Cube Tables In A Living Room
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5 Creative Ways To Use Cube Tables In A Living Room

Cube tables are more versatile than you might think. While you may just see three tables stuck inside one another, other people have seen them as endless possibilities for dΓ©cor, entertaining, and storage. Knowing what you could use cube tables for could make you want to have them in your home.

Use as End Tables

The most practical use for cube tables is as end tables. Placing one table on each side of a couch provides you and your guests a place to set a drink, snack, or just a decorative item. It adds a comfortable feel to a living room because it gives people a chance to sit back and relax without having to worry where to put what they are holding.

Use as a Plant Stand

Plants in a home give off oxygen, which is healthful. They are also beautiful and make a home inviting. Many times, small plants can be difficult to place in a home because they need to be perched on top of a table. This is where cube tables come in. Many people use the cube tables as plant stands. You can place the cubes in many areas of the home, and securely place a plant or two on top of it. They are mobile too. If you decide you want to put your plant next to a window for some sunshine, simply pick up the cube and place it near the window. When the sun is gone for the day, simply pick the cube up to place it where it was before.

Use as a Game Table

Cube tables make the perfect game tables. You can separate them and give one cube to each couple of players. Place the game board on the cube, and your guests can have a lot of fun playing on them. If you have children, using the cube tables as game tables will come in handy.

Store with Cubes

When you separate the cubes, you will see that they provide a spacious cubbyhole to place items inside of them. So, not only can you use the top to display treasures, but you can also use the inside to store such items as newspapers, magazines, books, and more.

Decorate with Cubes

The cubes in cube tables can be arranged in dozens of ways. You can arrange them side by side against the wall for a dramatic look. You can place them on top of each other in a corner for a unique bookcase. You can also stack them as a pyramid. Playing around with the cube could result in an attractive, fun, new design for your living room that you never considered before.Β 

Endless Possibilities with Cubes

These are just some of the many ways you can use cube tables. When you purchase some of your own, it’s likely you’ll come up with many more ideas that will spark the curiosity of guests, be conversation starters, and may even elicit more cube lovers who want to have some for their home.



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