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  • Get That Vintage Look - An Expert Guide to Retro Furniture

    When it comes to choosing that perfect style of furniture for your home, it all comes down to personal taste. There are a number of different styles to choose from and there are no rules when it comes to what you must or must not use in a space. One of the more popular styles out there, as of late, is the vintage look. The vintage look is really about taking those retro looking or retro-inspired pieces and creating a unique look in your home.

    Here we’ll take a look at an in-depth guide at how you can add retro furniture to your home, what counts as “retro furniture”, and even cost-saving tips if you’re in the process of re-decorating not just one but a number of rooms at once. So let’s get started.

    The Differences Between Retro and Vintage Style Furniture

    Even though we have referred to both retro and vintage furniture in an interchangeable way, it's important to note that there are a few small differences. If you want to truly create that pure vintage look, then you need to shop for pieces that are old, but not too old. Typically, you want something that is around the 30-50-year mark in age. It's also important to note that vintage doesn't mean the item has to be used; it's just an older item.


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    In terms of retro furniture, by definition, this means pieces that are currently considered "out of style" or outdated. People tend to relate to those "bygone pop eras" and use pieces that were once considered trendy and cool, bringing them back into style. Retro-style furniture tends to give a real uniqueness to a room since it is pieces you aren't used to seeing nowadays. It can be a used or new item and can even show signs of wear.

    So, as you can see, both styles refer to pieces that are older and can be pre-loved or new and are meant to add personality and uniqueness to a space. There is plenty of overlapping of the two styles and often people prefer to mix them together.  As stated, in this guide, we will be focusing on retro-styled furniture in particular.


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    Any Room or Home Can Have Pops of Retro Vibes

    The first thing to note is that retro bedroom furniture and decor is extremely versatile and can be used in any age or style of home. You can either go all out and design an entire room or home to add some retro flair, or you can just add key elements to the space for interest. It all depends on how much work you are willing to put in, the budget you are working on, and how much you like the look of a retro space.

    If you're just starting the process, then you may want to invest in a couple of big-ticket items, such as retro-styled furniture, in order to set the tone in the room. You can then work from there as your time and budget allow.



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    Keep the Prints and Colours in Check

    Many people assume that in order to create that true retro-inspired room, you need to blend a wide variety of colours, prints, and textures with a big emphasis on geometric prints and bold colours. While it’s true these are indicative of a retro design, it doesn’t mean you need to combine everything in one room. Instead, it can be helpful to stick to one colour palette, or one feature colour, and build on it within reason.

    If it’s the bold prints or colours that call out to you the most, then you could always make that your big-ticket item or your focal point. For example, you can invest in a large sofa with a retro geometric print in a bold colour, and then keep everything else more subdued and laid-back. Ideally, the retro style tends to work best when you combine the old and eclectic pieces with new forms.


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    Carrying it Through the House

    If you are trying to re-decorate more than one room, use the main colour palette that you have already chosen as your anchor. Each room can stay within that colour palette adding decor, furniture, and other pieces that work within that palette. Not only will this ensure that the retro style is used in all rooms, it also creates a flow to your home so that the rooms don’t feel separated and disjointed.

    Must-Have Retro Furniture Pieces

    In order to narrow down your list a bit and pick a few must-have pieces that will have the most impact in a room, you'll want to narrow in on these:

    • A cabinet cooler - It doesn't get more retro or cool than a cabinet cooler. These nifty little pieces are often called sidebars. They look like a simple enough table but in fact, they house cocktail glasses and bar supplies. It’s got that whole 1960s vibe, which is just the ultimate in coolness.
    • A retro-styled sofa - Retro styled sofas are relatively easy to find nowadays and tend to be very sleek, simple, and modern in design. They can even be referred to as contemporary. This is also a great item to add that pop of colour or print to.
    • Armchair and ottoman - Another must-have retro piece is the classic armchair and ottoman set. They can be in the same colour/print, or you can do a little mixing and matching. Again, look for that contemporary design and keep the lines simple and sleek. Retro-styled furniture doesn’t have a lot of fuss and fanfare to it.


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    What About Cost?

    The cool thing about furniture is that it can be brand new or pre-loved. What this means is that you can buy a high-quality brand new item such as a sofa and chair, so you know they’ll hold up over time, but then with the other pieces, you can save money by going the pre-loved route.

    Most of today’s top furniture stores and designers offer retro pieces that can easily blend with the rest of your space. It’s best to look at the furniture as more of an investment piece since you don’t want to have to replace it on a regular basis.

    For décor pieces, this is when second-hand shops and even car boot sales can end up saving you a lot of money and produce some amazing retro treasures.


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    Retro Furniture Can Transform a Space

    Retro-styled furniture has the ability to really transform a space, make it feel more modern and unique. It’s easily one of the most light-hearted and fun styles out there, making it a popular option.

  • A Guide to Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Recycled and Upcycled

    A Guide to Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Recycled and Upcycled

    Reclaimed wood is wood that comes from almost any source except a newly felled tree. This timber usually comes from old buildings being demolished. It may come from the joists, floors and support beams of old buildings. Let’s look at what counts as reclaimed wood, the types of wood regularly available as reclaimed wood, and the benefits of using reclaimed wood. We’ll also discuss the proper care of reclaimed wood furniture if you already own it or are considering getting it.

    What Is – and Isn’t – Reclaimed Wood Furniture

    Reclaimed furniture is furniture made from old timber. Many prized pieces come from buildings being torn down since you’re able to walk away with large beams, floorboards, and planksthat perfect for use in other applications. Some artisans are using wood from shipping pallets to create furniture or damaged old furniture to make new items. These reclaimed wood pallets are contemporary but are still “reclaimed” wood.  Reclaimed wood is also used to create that vintage and retro furniture feel and look.

    Upcycling refers to recycling something into an item of much higher value than the original. Turning discarded and originally cheap wood pallets into tables and bookcases is certainly a case of upcycling. Bookcases made from pallets is another case of upcycling and reclaimed furniture. However, turning an old table into chairs counts as creating reclaimed wood furniture but it isn’t upcycled. Using old wood floor board son a new floor is only recycling the material. Using old wood beams in your new roof is recycling reclaimed wood.

    Most reclaimed wood furniture that we sell is both upcycled and recycled since the building materials are turned into mid-market and luxury furniture. For instance, many of our coffee tables, dining sets, and bedside tables are made from reclaimed wood, which allows us to sell items at a fraction of the price you would pay from other manufacturers, with the same level of quality.

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    The Most Common Types of Reclaimed Wood

    Old pine, oak, beech, and cedar are common types of reclaimed wood. Redwood and firs take on a grey colour that some see as authentic. Maple, walnut, and beech are more contemporary “reclaimed” woods. Longleaf pine is strong and durable, so good that it was once used to build ships. This is why long beams of it were salvaged from ships to build many floors, roofs and walls … and why many reclaimed wood pieces have a very rich history behind them. Imagine a dining chair that was once part of a bar, and before that, it was part of a ship that some of the patrons once sailed on.

    South pine is far more common than northern pine. Mahogany’s strength and ease of carving are why it was used for everything from intricately carved mantles to furniture. It is regularly reused, and some artisans try to keep the old carvings in the new final work. Teak wood is very resilient, resistant to moisture and rot. This is why it was so often used in outdoor furniture.

    If someone wants to get rid of a 1920 Arts and Craft era deck chair, many artisans will turn it into a bench, indoor chair or another type of furniture. Or, the material is used in another outdoor project since unlike other wood, teak doesn’t fade on exposure to sunlight. Walnut is regularly reused, especially if it has developed a deep near-purple shade that is difficult to replicate via artificial methods.

    The Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

    The first and foremost benefit of buying reclaimed furniture is the fact it is eco-friendly. By reusing the wood in various ways, you’re saving trees from being cut down. If you reuse the furniture with only some reprocessing or treatment, you’re using far fewer resources than if the wood was taken from a torn down building and processed like new lumber.

    recycled boat wood furniture for sale

    The wood is already aged, weathered and dried. It doesn’t need to be finished, so it doesn’t shrink or bend. Reclaimed wood has a unique look on its own that makes it stand out in any home. You can further increase the value of your piece by adding a marble top for example. This is very common with reclaimed wood sideboards.

    It is very hard to find the tight grain and rich colour of old pine; new pine wood is more yellow and typically has a broader grain. Sometimes the reclaimed wood is whitewashed, especially if light coloured, to make it look new. Unfortunately, some furniture buildings strip off the colour and grain that makes reclaimed wood look so good, resulting in a product that looks like everything else in the store. There are times when treatments are necessary.

    For example, waterproofing is a requirement for tables to protect either the new or historic look of the wood. It also lets you use wood without having to worry about the chemicals used in reprocessed materials made from wood chips. Some people enjoy using reclaimed wood because it lets them keep an emotional connection with an old place. For example, taking wood from Grandpa’s barn and turning it into furniture used in your new home lets you literally take it with you. If you already have an antique headboard, you could find the same species of wood as reclaimed wood and have a bed made from it.

    CS-05Or, commission a chair from the same wood of similar condition as that old desk sitting in the corner of your living room. Items made from reclaimed wood like benches and chairs look like antiques if made in the historic style, and they’re certainly cheaper than looking for an antique that matches your particular taste. Then there is the fact that you can save money by using reclaimed wood. New mahogany, mango light wood and teak wood furniture are expensive. If you find reclaimed wood to make into custom furniture, it is typically going to be cheaper than commissioning new pieces.

    If a craftsperson is selling the furniture made from reclaimed wood, their material costs are far lower and you’ll either pay a lower price mostly based on their craftsmanship or be able to afford much higher quality work because the material was cheaper. Reclaimed wood is prized for its strength and durability. After all, the weaker pieces were tossed in the trash or hauled off to the landfill. Reclaimed barn doors are popular because they are a sturdy protective entry door or bedroom door that someone else cannot just kick in.

    Care and Maintenance of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

    The worn character of most reclaimed wood furniture means that little stains, scratches, and dents can be ignored, just as no one freaks out about a small scratch on an old car. It is also very low maintenance in general. Older wood is hard to damage since the damageable material wouldn’t have been recycled. Then again, salvaged wood is usually harder than fresh wood of the same species because it has already dried out and warped if it was going to do so. This makes pieces made from reclaimed wood often more durable than items made from newly harvested wood.

    Industrial style interior design is very much in vogue now. If you’re happy with its natural colour and the wood is unfinished, just dust it once in a while.  If it has been finished, such as treated with a coating to prevent water stains, apply polyurethane wax once a year. If it is unfinished and you don’t mind it darkening over time, you can rub it down with wood rubs. These treatments will help it resist stains. You don’t have to worry about reclaimed wood not lasting very long. Any piece that was too worn to last very long was probably discarded before you ever saw it.


    Safety Considerations

    Don’t just haul off wood you find at a construction site for use in your own project since it could have termites or other insects in it. That is aside from the risk of it containing rot. We’ve already addressed the concern about old wood having lead-based paint on it and the need to handle such materials safely. Something many amateur enthusiasts don’t consider is the number of nails and screws in raw salvaged wood. If they just start cutting and shaping it, they could get injured when their blade hits a bent old nail.

    Several passes with a metal detector before you make the first cut is a good first step. One solution to this is to only buy finished reclaimed pieces, such as the ones we sell here. The other is to only buy reclaimed wood from vendors who’ve already screened it for infestations, checked for health hazards, and made it ready for craftsmen to work with.


    Reclaimed wood furniture is an eco-friendly way to commission furniture and find items that look like or match existing antiques. It requires relatively little care, lasts ages, and may be made from woods that are hard to acquire today. There are many types of wood available as “reclaimed” wood, though there are regional differences in availability, all depending on what people generations ago had available to build their homes and make furniture themselves. It is safer to only buy reclaimed wood that has been checked by the professionals or finished furniture made from reclaimed wood.


  • How to Choose the Best Sized Sideboard for a Dining Room

    A dining room is a place for entertainment and feasting. It should be pleasing to the eyes, as it will affect the way you and guests feel when in the room. The more beautiful it appears, the more you and your guests will enjoy themselves.

    One way that people improve the appearance of their dining room is using a sideboard. This sideboard is used to store dining room items such as platters, silverware, and more. It’s also a beautiful décor item.

    What are Sideboards?

    Sideboards often come with two doors that open out. This enables you to have full access to the shelves. Some also come with a drawer, which enables you to store additional items that do not fit well in the main part of the sideboard. The way the doors and possible drawers are positioned depends on the size.

    Choosing a Sideboard

    Since dining rooms vary in size, so do sideboards. When shopping for them, you’ll notice there are three sizes: small, medium, and large. To know which size to purchase, consider the size of the dining room. If you have a dining set for four people, it’s likely you’ll find the small sideboard a good choice. If you have a dining set that seats six, you may want to purchase the medium. If your dining set is for eight people, the large should fit perfectly in the room.

    You should also consider the amount of items you’d like to store. You may have a small dining set, but if you have many items you’d like to store out of sight, you may want to choose the medium sideboard, as long as it fits in the room. The same goes for having a medium size dining set, and a large sideboard would work better for you.

    As you’re still thinking about the size of the sideboard for your dining room, you should also consider what it’s made out of. When you choose for example this sheesham sideboard, you end up with one of the strongest woods possible for furniture. This means that it will last decades because it resists damage and wear and tear.


    Another type of wood that’s considered durable is mango wood, which produces a sideboard that’s a bit more dark than the sheesham (see the dakota mango sideboard on the left). If you’re looking for a lighter colour with the strength of the darker woods, you may want to look at the acacia wooden sideboards. They come in a light colour, and they are just as strong and sturdy as the others are.


    Start Shopping for a Sideboard or Two

    Many people don’t settle for just one sideboard, they end up buying two of them. Sometimes, they have more items than one sideboard can hold, and other times, they want to balance out their dining room with a sideboard on each side. Whether you’re interested in buying one or two sideboards, consider Verty Furniture when seeking durable, eco-friendly, quality furniture. With many sideboards available to fit any style and size, it’s likely you’ll find the perfect one for your home.

  • 5 Creative Ways to Use Cube Tables in a Living Room

    Cube tables are more versatile than you might think. While you may just see three tables stuck inside one another, other people have seen them as endless possibilities for décor, entertaining, and storage. Knowing what you could use cube tables for could make you want to have them in your home.

    Use as End Tables

    The most practical use for cube tables is as end tables. Placing one table on each side of a couch provides you and your guests a place to set a drink, snack, or just a decorative item. It adds a comfortable feel to a living room because it gives people a chance to sit back and relax without having to worry where to put what they are holding.

    Use as a Plant Stand

    Plants in a home give off oxygen, which is healthful. They are also beautiful and make a home inviting. Many times, small plants can be difficult to place in a home because they need to be perched on top of a table. This is where cube tables come in. Many people use the cube tables as plant stands. You can place the cubes in many areas of the home, and securely place a plant or two on top of it. They are mobile too. If you decide you want to put your plant next to a window for some sunshine, simply pick up the cube and place it near the window. When the sun is gone for the day, simply pick the cube up to place it where it was before.

    Use as a Game Table

    Cube tables make the perfect game tables. You can separate them and give one cube to each couple of players. Place the game board on the cube, and your guests can have a lot of fun playing on them. If you have children, using the cube tables as game tables will come in handy.

    Store with Cubes

    When you separate the cubes, you will see that they provide a spacious cubbyhole to place items inside of them. So, not only can you use the top to display treasures, but you can also use the inside to store such items as newspapers, magazines, books, and more.

    Decorate with Cubes

    Octane One Cube Table Octane One Cube Table

    The cubes in cube tables can be arranged in dozens of ways. You can arrange them side by side against the wall for a dramatic look. You can place them on top of each other in a corner for a unique bookcase. You can also stack them as a pyramid. Playing around with the cube could result in an attractive, fun, new design for your living room that you never considered before. See for example the octane cube tables of the photo.


    Endless Possibilities with Cubes

    These are just some of the many ways you can use cube tables. When you purchase some of your own, it’s likely you’ll come up with many more ideas that will spark the curiosity of guests, be conversation starters, and may even elicit more cube lovers who want to have some for their home.

  • What You Might Not Know About Acacia Wood

    Furniture shoppers often seek acacia wood. Some don’t even know the benefits of the wood. They just know that it looks pretty. Luckily, they end up making a good choice because acacia wood is one of the best types of wood you can buy for furniture.

    About Acacia Wood

    Acacia wood has been around since biblical times and long before it. It’s believed that acacia wood was used to construct the Tabernacle and Ark of Covenant because it was virtually indestructible.

    Many people know acacia wood as “thorntree,” “whistling thorn,” or “wattle.” While many of the varieties in Africa do not contain many thorns, the ones in Australia are quite thorny.

    The acacia bears pods, which releases tannins. In the past the tannins were used for medicinal purposes and as a preservative for food.

    It’s believed that the acacia has been around for more than 20 million years. There are fossilized charcoal deposits that appear to have parts of the tree preserved in them. The charcoal suggests that the trees may be fire resistant, and the trees may have started spreading when Australia went through periods of dryness and fires. These trees in Australia are known as wattles. The Acacia melanoxylon from Australia is the species most known for furniture.

    Acacia Melanoxylon and Furniture

    Acacia melanoxylon grows to a great size quickly. When cut, the wood has a high polish, and it has a sweet smell to it.

    It’s a sustainable wood because once cut, another one can be planted, and the tree’s rapid growth decreases the likelihood of running out of them. Many people purchase furniture made of acacia wood for this reason.

    Depending on how the wood is finished, it can look light or dark. For example, if it has a lime wash, the furniture appears smooth and the wood grain patterns are remarkable. It’s also possible to have mahogany colored finish, which makes it dark. This isn’t as readily available, but can be found.

    Acacia Dining Table - Small with 4 Chairs Acacia Dining Table - Small with 4 Chairs

    Acacia wood is great for furniture for the bedroom, dining room, and living room. It’s also good for shelving because it can withstand the demands of weighted objects.

    Many people think that acacia furniture is expensive, but that is not the case. It can actually be purchased for a reasonable price, as long as you purchase it from a trustworthy seller. Many people marvel at the quality they receive in relation to the money they spend.

    Another misconception about acacia furniture is that it’s hard to care for it. That is not true. As long as you wax the wood as directed when purchasing the furniture, it will keep its natural shine and  refrain from cracking. Keep in mind that if you purchase a finished acacia wood furniture piece, waxing is not recommended.

    If you’re looking for furniture that is heavy, strong, and resistant to wear and tear, acacia wood furniture can meet your needs. Once you see the beauty of the wood grains, and the sturdiness of the wood, you’ll realize the value of this furniture.


  • The Benefits of Solid Wood Blanket Boxes

    People have used blanket boxes for centuries. At one time, they were a family’s most prized possession, as it was beautiful and useful. It also used to be the one suitcase people used to travel with on boats. Due to its space and compact size, people would place all of their belongings inside and simply have it carried right on the vessel they’d be riding. It was easy, and they knew that the box would be strong enough to endure the travel.

    The Versatility of a Blanket Box

    While many people used the blanket boxes specifically for blankets, some did use it to store other items such as books, toys, clothes, and electronic devices. It seemed like over the years, as people turned away from collecting beautiful quilts and blankets, they started to change what they stored in blanket boxes.

    How Long Blanket Boxes Last

    It’s a good thing people became creative with blanket boxes because they are long lasting. Blanket boxes made of solid wood can last for thousands of years. The oldest known blanket box is from the 17th century. It’s being auctioned off at $1800 at the Thomaston Auction Galleries.

    As solid wood blanket boxes age, they don’t lose their natural wood appearance. Knicks and scratches become part of the wood, and often times, unnoticeable. They blend into the wood’s grains. Besides the fact, that solid wood furniture is also resistant to most types of damage that can ruin other types of blanket boxes such as plastic, metal, and plywood.

    The Best Type of Blanket Box

    Wooden Blanket Box Solid wood blanket box

    Although blanket boxes can be made out of plastic, metal, and plywood, nothing is quite as beautiful and durable as a solid wood one. There’s nothing like opening the box to smell the fresh wood giving you the feel that your blankets or other items are well preserved inside. That’s also a benefit of using quality solid wood versus plywood, plastic, or metal. It keeps blankets and other linens fresh. When you use plastic or metal, moisture can seep in, and what’s inside can become mildewed.

    Other types of blanket boxes can also look worn and fall apart much faster. Many people use blanket box as not only a storage spot, but also a piece of furniture at the foot of the bed. They use it to sit on to put on shoes or just talk on the phone. Sitting on metal would be cold, and sitting on plastic could crush the top of the box. Solid wood blanket boxes are sturdy, and can withstand the weight of someone sitting on it, and it’s comfortable. This is especially true if a small cushion is placed on the top, as many people decide to do to further decorate it.

    Solid Wood Blanket Boxes for Beauty, Durability, and Storage Versatility

    If seeking a blanket box you’ll be able to pass down throughout generations in your family, choose a solid wood one. You’ll be able to store as many items that will fit inside, they will be preserved for as long as you need them to, and you’ll be able to gaze at its beauty for as many years as you’d like to before passing it on.


  • The Difference Between Mango Wood and Sheesham Wood Furniture

    When shopping for furniture, you may notice that there are two popular types of solid woods: mango and sheesham. Many people will wonder what’s the difference besides the obvious differences in the appearance of the woods. Before you decide on whether you should purchase mango or sheesham wood, consider the differences explained here.

    Characteristics of Sheesham Wood

    Sheesham Tree

    Sheesham wood, or also known as Indian rosewood, is found in India. The trees grow for as long as 22 years, and they can reach to as much as 30 meters tall. The diameter of the trees can be as wide as 1.5 meters. These large trees produce wood that’s heavy and dense. It has superior strength, which makes it a high quality wood for fine furniture. Upon collection, the wood is polished, which leaves behind a smooth surface that is attractive. The natural marking of the wood makes every piece of furniture made from sheesham wood unique.  Many people who consider buying sheesham wood furniture pieces do so because it’s high quality and has a rich chestnut colour and rustic appearance.

    Examples of Sheesham Wood Furniture

    Three Drawer Bedside Table From Sheesham Wood

    This three drawer bedside table is made of sheesham wood. As you can see in the image, it has a rich honey stain with natural Indian rosewood tree markings throughout. With its light and dark features, it complements many decors. It’s solid wood gives it that strong and durable appearance.


    Sheesham Cube TV Video Cabinet

    This sheesham cube TV video cabinet has the same rich honey finish with natural markings as the bedside table. With this image though, you can see how versatile the wood can be to make beautiful furniture pieces for your home. This cabinet not only has two shelves to place media units on, but it also has four drawers for hidden storage too. With the solid woods strength and resistance to damage, it makes it perfect to place a large television on without fear of its ability to endure the weight.

    Characteristics of Mango Wood

    Mango Tree

    Mango wood comes from Southern Asia, although it’s believed to have originated in India. The trees grow to as tall as the Indian rosewood of 30 meters feet with a diameter of up to 1.5 meters.  Since this tree produces nutritious fruit (mangos) it is allowed to live fruit bearing life, and it’s not until it stops producing that it’s cut down and used for timber.

    Mango wood is also strong and durable, but it has the added quality of being highly resistant to water. It’s not as heavy has sheesham wood, which is a benefit for those wishing to move furniture occasionally. People who choose mango wood for furniture like the greenish brown color and the course texture of it. They also admire the design work because since mango wood is cut and shaped easily, some manufacturers carve exquisite designs in the wood.

    Examples of Solid Mango Wood Furniture

     Dakota Mango Three Drawer Bedside Table

    This Dakota mango three drawer bedside table features mango wood in all its beauty. It’s been finished with a deep walnut colour, and as you can see from the image, it’s sturdy and highly attractive.



    Mango Wood Plasma Media Unit

    This plasma media unit made of mango wood is powerful enough to hold up a television that can be quite heavy. It boasts two drawers at each end to accommodate media supplies. The deep walnut colour will match most other furniture and décor in any room.


    Deciding on Sheesham Wood or Mango Wood

    Both of these woods are hardwoods and they are strong, durable and beautiful. However, if you want a smooth finished wood with natural marking in a chestnut colour, sheesham wood should be your choice. If you want solid wood furniture that is lighter, water resistant, and carved intricately, mango wood is what you should look for when shopping. By choosing either one, you’ll be pleased with the life you’ll get with them, so you can enjoy them for decades.

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